Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sneak Peak (bathroom addition)

When we kicked around the idea of adding a shower to our 1/2 bathroom, we knew that we could pay someone to get it all done in 1 week, or we could do most of the work ourselves and get it done next year in a couple of months.
Well, we decided on the second option, 
and I am SO glad we did!
First of all I like DIY projects...
this was a little more than my usual DIY, but we had taken on several big projects in the past (basement remodel), and wanted to give this bathroom a chance!
Then, a month into this projects I ended up in and out of the hospital a few times, so the amount of money we are saving by doing it DIY is going to come handy once the hospital bills start coming around!
As you can rightly assume, the bathroom is not done, but here a few pics of what we have done.

Plumber did the work

Shower walls are in and drywall (green board) is going up


I was not really sure about the drywall part. We have never done it before, but I can now say, I kind of enjoyed doing the mudding and sanding.
This is not a large bathroom by any means, but it was just big enough for me to take courage and get messy with this drywall thing!
Remember I am a DIY learn as you go, not a contractor.

For some reasons RN does not enjoy home improvement as much  as I do, but he does 
kicking and screaming cheerfully help along the way, for the most part!

Now, if you ever need a drum solo, he is your man!

I am seriously hoping to finish it asap!

Priming, paint and floor are done. Just need to install baseboard, 1/4 round and trim...
stay tune, and 

Stay Frugal,



Kelly said...

Looks like you've already made some great progress! I'm very impressed again. You are really going to enjoy having that shower for y'all to use downstairs. You're really increasing the value of your home by adding another full bath to your house too!

D @ The Shady Porch said...

Looks like the hard parts are behind you! It is fun to DIY! I look forward to seeing your AFTER pics!