Friday, April 27, 2012

Cans repurposed

Don't you just love when friends send you a picture and say "this made me think of you!"
...and you say
 "yep, I am totally going to do that!"

So I immediately started to look around for things that I could use for this projects and got my paint supply out.

here is what I got

Let me say first, that 
when RN comes home after work he brings the mail in, but I am usually too busy getting dinner started, so the mail ends up on the kitchen counter, along with the stuff collected from the day and my cooking ingredients. 
That's NOT cool!

Also RN is in charge of mailing out bills, cards and such, but we don't really have a good spot for that either.

So here is the perfect idea to make an inbox and outbox mail center, to go in our entry way.



Perfect for landing spot and taking off!

Cost for this project

Stay Frugal,


Jason C. said...

Yeah, but now you have two paint cans on your entryway furniture.

Kelly said...

Cute idea! I looks good with your organization area there too. I love chalkboard paint.

Joselyn @ The DIY Spot said...

No cost organization, very nice!

Weathered Treasure said...

I love your area. Great idea! I save all our cans too. Store everything, everywhere in the house with them...