Monday, June 4, 2018

The Dining Room

When we bought our home,
 there were two living areas, 
one was the formal living room, 
and the other was called the family room.

That said, there was only a dining area, a very small breakfast nook area...
and a really small enclosed kitchen.

Having an interior design background,
I decided that we needed to change up the floor plan a bit. 
So the plan of action was to remove the kitchen wall, expanding the kitchen to the
former dining area,
and to turn the formal living room into a large dining room.

It just made more sense to me, 
and it makes perfect sense to our family.

Now hang on for the ride.

When we first bought the house, I had to completely replace all the flooring in the house (minus the two bathrooms).
Since then, we also added high hats lights and an orbital chandelier in the dining area.

here are some pictures of the now dining room and the transformed entrance.
I am sure you'll be able to identify the before and after pictures.
...I hope you can.

From this...

That was the entrance.

Now here is the new and improved dining room.

***HINT: on the left of the picture you can have a glimpse of the new kitchen expansion***

It's the first thing you see when you enter the home.

Quite the difference.
Am I right?

I did the work myself...
minus the electrical.
Although I did help with that.

My friend since College days,JD (owner of Doctor Renovate) helped me with the electrical and the kitchen remodel...
Next week I'll show you the kitchen Masterpiece.
For now I'll leave you with this before pictures of the kitchen.

Don't judge.
Come back next week.

Stay Frugal,


Linda said...

Awesome work Daniella! I'm always impressed by all that you can do and all that you accomplish. Love it!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniella,
Guess the previous owners would not believe their eyes if they could see what you transformed this home into.
It looks so much higher too; you kept it lighter and especially that blue carpet made it look so very low!
Kudos to your design and vision for working things out.
Enjoy your new place and the climate.

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

What a beautiful entertaining space! The flooring is amazing!

Marissa said...

Beautiful transformation.. I love those floors.