Friday, November 18, 2016

Dry Creek Bed Landscape

This project was a way to control the flow of rainwater across our front landscape. 
Here my easy steps to follow when installing a dry creek bed.

Dig a Trench

I started out by clearing the grass and digging the shape of the creek bed. You can use spray paint to mark out the shape of your creek bed, making it look as natural as possible. 
We already had a couple of  large boulders that surfaced when we had our water line replaced years ago, 
so I used them as a focal point.

Set Large Boulders

Most of you won't have boulders already in place, so find rocks and boulders of different sizes. 
For a more natural look, instead of lining the sides of the creek bed with rocks, try to create clusters of different size boulders along the river's edge for a more natural look.

Install Plastic or Weed Fabric

I used doubled clear plastic sheet overlapping it for complete coverage, and roof shingles at the base of our home foundation.

The shingles were placed partially against the foundation wall, to create a semi curve and help the water run off into the creek bed.
At this point I also planted a mix of tall grass and mulch.
Cardboard is an inexpensive (and free) material to use instead of weed fabric.
Make sure you wet the cardboard well before topping with mulch.

Fill with River Rocks

I used a mix of small rocks that I found for free and 3 bags of river rocks I bought years ago for a different project that never happened. 

p.s. call rocks landscaping businesses. 
They sell the nice natural stones for landscaping, but some of them will have a free pile of rocks that they can't use.
That's where I got all the landscaping rocks around our house.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mascarpone Cream Dessert

Who does not like a super simple, fast and delicate dessert that will make you and your guests wanting more?

I am sure many of you had the Italian dessert known as Tiramisu'.
Well, this dessert is mascarpone cream without the coffee taste and the carbs (from the ladyfingers).
Given that Tiramisu' is my favorite dessert ever,
and given that I literally run on coffee and carbs,
I have to say that this mascarpone cream is pretty good too.

When I was in high school,
I worked for a little bit in the kitchen of a restaurant called 
L'Antico Giardino,
just outside Ferrara's city limits,
in Italy.
Every time I go back to Italy to see my family, 
I make sure I stop by to hug the owner
Signora Maurizia.
Such a sweet lady.
...end of rabbit trail...

At this restaurant they have this dessert,
and it was there where I had it the first time.
So, let's make it

Friday, July 22, 2016

Evolution of the Garage

Slowly but surely.
The idea started with turning our garage into living space + laundry room.
(our washer and dryer were already down there).
It has been a year since we started this process...
yes, we are taking our sweet time.
Right now we have a mess, but the concrete walls have finally drywall on it.
We had already done electrical and connected heat and air to this room.

The next couple of weeks will be finishing the walls, with second mudding, priming and paiting...
and floors???
Then the fun part of actually putting the room together.

When I say the next couple of weeks...
it does not really mean exactly that. 
It will probably take me longer...
much longer.
Remember when I said we are taking our sweet time?
don't worry. This has since been covered with plastic until further notice :)
But this is the mess in that room right now, 
so I am going to do my best to get this room in presentable conditions ASAP.

Here is the slow process in fast motion.
First of all I applied 2 coats