Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Storage Shed

Once upon the time,
there was an old shed...

Ok, seriously.
When we bought our home, it came with a storage shed.
We have owned this house for almost 9 years, and the shed had been on this property for around 30 least.
We used this to store lawn mowers, bicycles, various tools and my never ending wood collection.

Given that I have now finished the new shed
(yes, pictures are coming soon),
we decided it was time to say goodbye to our beloved red barn.

But don't worry, 
we didn't just trash this beauty.

We called a small buildings moving company and send her off to a friend's backyard.

They much needed a place to store things, and at 120 sq feet, this shed is almost 1/4 of their entire home. 
We were so happy this turned out to be a big blessing for them.

So the legacy of this shed continue to live on.
Here she is in her new home.

Yes, it's a "she"...don't ask. lol

Stay Frugal,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Homemade Puff pastry in under 5 minutes

Puff pastry can be quite labor intensive.
All the folding and resting time in between.
This puff pastry is the EASIEST puff pastry that you will ever find.
I make this plenty of times around the Holidays.
No folding.
Make it in under 5 minutes,
and refrigerate overnight.
That's all.

 I know this recipe by heart.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Shed Project

I am getting really excited about finishing up the shed under our sunroom.
My plan is to have it finished in the next week. 
I can't believe that almost a year ago (December 10, 2013)
we started the actual sunroon project.
The picture shows one of the "walls" that are already finished.
I am working on the door frames...