Monday, August 3, 2015

Easy Wooden Headboard

If you remember,
almost two years ago, 
I built 2 wooden twin size bed frames (project HERE) out of a futon frame.
I initially just used a canopy to hang over the beds,
but this week I decided to build the headboards.
I looked in my stash and found some pieces I could use.

These were the backing of 2 solid wood bookshelves we got on

Friday, July 10, 2015

Carriage Style Doors

I have not been updating about our garage rec room conversion,
but we are making progress.
Electrical has been taking care of, the walls are getting the waterproof treatment, and the carriage style doors have been installed.

Originally I wanted to build the doors myself,
I had my plans done.
But life with little children (and life in general),
can get very busy.

So my husband and I decide to have our friend John building the doors for us.
He can build anything.
I told him what I wanted, the material to use 
(remember, I had my plans done with materials cost and everything),
and he made these

Monday, July 6, 2015

Easy 3 Ingredients Jam

Making your own jam is very easy.

I only use 3 ingredients...
4 if you count the water. 

This jam does not require a water bath, and it only needs to be refrigerated once you open up the jar.
But not until then. 
Read on.

The best part about making your own jam is that you know exactly what's in it, and you can customize it just as you like it.
This is a basic family recipe.
My grandfather was a farmer in southern Italy.