Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pallet Project

I have been looking for some inspiration out there, 
and decided I was going to make a medal plaque for myself.
(you could also make this to just hang pictures and necklaces)
Something that fits my style and my budget.
The prices I found online were anywhere between $30 to $50.
The price for my medal and bib holder was $0.
I know, surprising.
I used 

a piece of wood from a pallet.
Some L hooks that I already have 
(you can buy them for a dollar or two for the pack),
and two clips that I also already had.
So I used all my L hooks that I found in my toolbox and screwed them in.
I attached the clips with hot glue.
Yes, hot glue is awesome and yes, it does work.
On the back I attached two picture hooks.
And here it is on the wall.
I don't participate in a lot of races, but the one I have participated in,
were all races to found children's Hospitals and research.
I am still on the fence about writing something above the L hooks.
Something inspirational.

I am happy with my $0 project.

Stay Frugal, 


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

It's a neat place to organize those small things. xoxo

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
Very lovely turn out for your once again genial up-cycling idea.
Did the funding for the Children's hospital go well through your long-trained for marathon? I sure hope so!


Kelly said...

That's a great idea! That's a great way to display things that you've worked hard for.

Carla from The River said...

We did something similar with our ski bibs.
It is a great way to say "I did this" and remind one on a bad day. :-)
I like this idea!!

Marissa said...

This is so neat!
and better because you spent 0
I think for me I would want more
hooks for all my jewelry.
Xo Marissa

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Wonderful idea Daniela, I like what you did with it and for nothing...that's great!

NanaDiana said...

You do the best project, Dani...and most of them are easy to copy..and you can't beat the cost. Love it-xo Diana

Art and Sand said...

I love the look and I love $0 projects the best. The signs I have been painting lately were all made with old wood, paint I had on hand.

Free and using up supplies is wonderful.

Dawn said...

I like it! You did a nice job, Daniela! :)

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Kudos on both the running and the charity component of it. Great repurposing! xo Kathleen

Donna Sinclair said...

Okay, so where does this energy come from?? I need you over here chez moi coming up with such great ideas for organizing.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

It's lovely and you can't beat that price!

Suzan Sweatman said...

I love everything Pallet
AND I love everything you do
so this is a win/win for me :)
Great idea Dani

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I love a good pallet project and this one looks pretty quick and easy! Nice job! I love that you run for a good cause lady!

Mindi Carwin said...

Fun project and I love your race bib and medals!