Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Venus Rice (Riso Venere)

Have you ever had Venus rice?
I really like this kind of rice.
It's a type of medium-grain Italian rice 

that is known for its natural black color and its aroma. 
The aroma is more noticeable while the rice is cooking and is similar to the smell of baked bread... case you wonder I am a bread lover too.

 This rice is loaded with protein and 

minerals (especially iron), which are retained in the grains due to the careful methods used in removing the husks.
The cooking time for Venus rice is about 45minutes.

 Venus black rice is excellent in soups, blended with vegetables, paired with fish or meat, or served as a side dish.

I will be sharing a recipe (or two) on how to use this rice.
So get your wooden spoon for risotto ready.

Stay Frugal,


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I like the color of it!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I'm intrigued. Can't wait to see the recipes.

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

I'm intrigued... The hubby and I are trying to include more grains/health in our lives. Looks like good stuff!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That would be so much better for me! I need the makes me feel good! Thanks!

Tanya Runkle said...

Oooh this looks amazing!! I love rice and will be trying this :)

xo, Tanya

Vickie said...

I don't believe I've ever seen this rice at the grocery. I'll have to check because it sounds wonderful!

Patricia Cowan-Wilson said...

I never heard of Venus Rice! Thanks for sharing. Thanks to Suzan for introducing me to you... Patricia Ann

Danni Baird said...

Very interesting. My spoon is ready...but I need to find some of that rice first!

chateau chic said...

This sounds interesting. We eat a lot rice at our house.
Mary Alice

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
Anything high in iron is such a healthy food. Above all, where do you obtain yours? Would love to know that!

Vicky Hunt said...

Hmmm....I've never seen or heard of this type of rice. I'm anxious to see what you make with it!

Blessings, Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

Kelly said...

I've never heard of this rice nor tried it before. Looking forward to your recipe!

anangloinquebec said...

I have never heard of this either but hey anything that smells like baked bread has got me sold!!

must love junk said...

This is new to me! Sounds yummy!

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

I love that you introduce me to so many new foods! Thanks!

Libby said...

Yummm....I can already imagine how delicious it is in soups. :-)