Monday, February 11, 2013

Easy glass "etching"

So, I never tried the actual etching process, but I found that this will give you similar results as etching.
I like to keep things simple and basic, so one day, while reorganizing our paint stash in our garage, I had a bright idea.
(lesson learned: it pays off to organize your paint stash)

For this project, all you need is a glass bottle, a stencil and 

a frosting spray paint can.
I got out the stencils I found a while back for .25c, and used the number 7
(here is why).

Cover the bottle with paper and make sure it fit s tight on the bottle.
Now go outside, on a sunny day, no wind day, and spray paint your number. 
This is a "frost" spray paint can that I used on the lower half of our bathroom to have some privacy. 
And here is the finished project.
Easy peasy.
When dry, you can give another coat of "frost".

Now it is back in it's original spot.

Which is in the master bathroom addition

This was practically a no cost project.

The stencils were super cheap, 
the spray paint can was in  our garage 
and the square bottle was a former 
"Aceto Balsamico di Modena".
a year ago

The possibilities are endless: 
get yourself a glass object, and find/make a stencil of your choice.

Stay Frugal,

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Kelly said...

That's a great idea! I like the finished look. The grouping of clear glass bottles look nice together. It would be cute to use a letter to monogram something like that too.

Jeanne Ireland said...

So easy and it comes out so professional looking. Great work.

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Daniela, mi piace moltissimo questa idea... Brava, come al solito!

Geri O said...

I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
You are a genial girl and that with a bottle from Modena...
Guess what we ate for the second time around? Your yummy pasta sauce with real Italian pasta. That is such a great and healthy recipe; both of us love it. Thanks again for sharing this.
Hugs to you,

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

such a good idea....the number is perfect

Fluster Buster said...

Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back. I host Fluster Creative Muster Party on Wednesdays and I would love it if you would come by and party with us. Hope to see you there!

Hugs, Smiles, and Blessings,

Fluster Buster

Annmarie Pipa said...

how very lovely!! adds a great touch!

Lori said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I tried etching solution once, it was a disaster!

Tammy Henderson said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I've yet to try glass etching but it is on my list. Thanks for the tips.

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Awesome! I pinned this so I can find the idea when I need it!

Revi said...

As it happens, I purchased a can of the same spray at Christmas. I plan to use it on the bottom bathroom window as well! If I have leftovers, I might be a copy cat and do some bottles like you did. :)

Dianne said...

Great idea I have 2 cans sitting around thanks so much for sharing...

Tanya Runkle said...

What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing at Pretty Things this week :)

xo, Tanya

Jenny Eanes said...

What a fantastic idea! I can't believe I never thought of that! I already have the stuff to make it too!!!! Pinning!