Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Iron Crosses...Perfection and Completeness

It all started with this.

A Christmas gift from a friend of mine.
And my search for more started, the beginning of a collection if you will.

I wanted to fill 
the entrance wall with more crosses and
 I kept adding to it as I found more.

Right now I have a total of seven, 
and I think I am going to stop here!

I like the symbolic Biblical meaning of the number seven.

The number seven is designated as the number of divine worship, the number of perfection, completion and obedience, and, of course, the seventh day is the Day of Rest.

Also RN and I were married on January 7, 
few years ago...
see, that's why I am going to stop buying more crosses and leave the seven I have 
on the wall.

On a different note, I really love how the light comes through the window throughout the day and changes the color of the paint on the wall.
The simple things in life!

Stay Frugal,


Kelly said...

Your cross collection looks great on that large wall! I've seen those grouped together like that and have always liked that look. I like the symbolism of the number 7 you talked about too.

Meeha Meeha said...

The mix of intricate designs and delicate curves is beautiful, graphic and intriguing - I love your original collection! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my handmade notebook :)

Toni said...

A few months ago I found a heavy iron cross I loved...I now have 16... and need just a few more to finish a small wall I am displaying them on.

Love the symbolism of 7. The light from the window on your crosses is really beautiful.

joanne said...

they are lovely...so cool an item to collect..

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
Happy belated wedding anniversary to both of you!

Revi said...

I love 7 best for the very same reasons you do! And I have a cross like one of yours on my front porch!