Saturday, August 18, 2012

You are my Sunshine!

Several weeks ago I received the 
Sunshine Award 
(Olive trees from my parents olive garden, in southern Italy)
from my blogger friend Elisabeth.
She has a great blog! check it out!

Now if you will, I am going to try to make you smile...
1-what is your favorite color? 
I love them all!
2-what is your favorite animal?

Sir Potter

3-what is your favorite number?
4-what is your favorite non alcoholic drink?
5-do you prefer twitter or facebook?
I have to say facebook. I have never been on twitter. But to be honest I prefer talking to people in person over coffee and sweets!
6-what is your passion?
Remember? I am Italian, and Italians are passionate people...I will have to say Jesus, soccer, food, coffee, art...ok I'll stop. more: my husband! ;)
 But seriously I am passionate about everything that I believe in!
7-do you prefer getting or giving presents?
My love language is giving AND receiving gifts! I enjoy receiving gifts, and enjoy just as much giving gifts! that's how I roll!
8-what is your favorite pattern?
geometric, ethnic
But most of the times I am a plain Jane!
9-what is your favorite day of the week?
I start the day eating breakfast with my family, I get to freely worship my Creator, 
enjoy a nice Sunday meal, 
take a catnap and 
spend quality time with people I LOVE!
10-what is your favorite flower?
Red roses (here it goes the passion again!)

Have a wonderful day,


Kelly said...

Congrats on receiving the Sunshine award. You are definitely full of sunshine, so you deserved that! I just love that picture of you and RN! Those olive trees at your parents house are beautiful! It was fun to read more things about you.

Libby said...

I totally enjoyed reading this post. You have a vibrant personality that shines through. I can tell. :-) Oooh, and I love that fabric covered chair. If you were closer I'd invite you for coffee and a sweet treat too.

Happy Saturday!!!

The Thriftiness Miss said...

I enjoy coffee and sweet treat dates too :) Congratulations on your award you so deserve it!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

coffee and sweets for me too and oh yea- dogs:)

congrats on your award.

keep smiling

NanaDiana said...

What a great Sunshine Award responses. Love all your answers! You and hubby make a really cute couple- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the great reward, I loved reading your answers , we get to know you just a little better, what a beautiful couple you are!