Friday, July 20, 2018

Farmhouse Kitchen Island DIY

When we moved south, we had to sell and give away a lot of furniture. 
We could not move everything with us.

So, naturally, a few days after the move, I was already looking to buy some furniture pieces for our home.

I needed to find a wooden table or desk to be used as a kitchen island.
I know I had plenty of inspirational pictures on my Pinterest board.

I luckily found this table for only $15...and it was only a couple of miles from us.
Price and location were a plus, if you know the feeling of moving to a totally different area and not knowing were everything is.

I soon got to work to clean and sand it down.
I liked the patina, but you know...germs and needed to be sanded and scrubbed down GOOD.

After that, I moved it indoors, and I played around with few possible ideas.
None that I liked.

I knew I needed to somehow raise the table about 5-6 inches, to make it counter high.
I knew I wanted some kind of metal wheels with locks, to make the soon to be island movable when needed.

I wanted to keep the naturally aged wood color, 
which by the way, 
really fits in with some of our dining room chairs I bought and rehab a couple of years ago.
(for project click here)

That said, I needed to give the table a little details and also I needed to figure out how to attach the large wheels. 

So I got some scrap wood planks, painting them first white, then opted for a darker gray,
that ties with the rest of the grays in the house.

Also I bought matching metal chairs for the dining table and metal barstools for the island.

The total cost of the island was
table $15
metal wheels (set of 4) $25
spray paint and screws $5

That's a total of $45 

Stay Frugal,

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Susie said...

The price was amazing. I love the whole idea of the wheels and the gray slats. Beautiful and a clever job. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
Indeed the white looked a bit harsh with the flooring. This is a perfect and very clever combination with the metal barstools.
We have always moved all our belongings and that is three times across the ocean and over land from Georgia to Pennsylvania and from the Venice area via the Brenner to the port of Rotterdam and back to the US. It would have been very hard to part from our solid French oak furniture. Glad we have it still!
But you solved it very cleverly and probably what you left behind you can replace cheaper than having it moved. One has to weigh all aspects of a move.
Sending you hugs,

Carla from The River said...

Well done, it really looks great.
What do you keep in the bins under the island?

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

Creative solution to adding height to the island. Our new home is a bit short on counter space so we're looking to islands that double as a kitchen eat-in. I like your idea!

Lisa Resnick said...

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