Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everyday dining

I enjoy eating...good food.
I also enjoy having guest for dinner, because that makes me enjoy the food even more!
Tonight we are having a couple from our Church...nothing fancy.
(but I am not even a fancy person 
to start with)
So here is how I prepared for them tonight.
You see the wine glass and the short glass.
Obviously the wine glass is for wine, and the short glass is for
The water is mainly to clean your palate between foods.
I also used a mix of plates.
The wooden bowls were a gift from a long time ago, and will be used for the salad, the small plate is for our antipasto, and the dinner plate is for the actual dinner.
That's how we do in Italy, we get a new plate for each course.
On the table you see our antipasto.
Cold cuts.
Tonight is Prosciutto crudo and salame.
And you also get to see our rustic wooden trivet (that I made from scraps here).
Later on it will serve to hold our hot food.
Hope you enjoyed learning a little more on how Italians eat.
--and don't forget the tablecloth :)--

Stay Frugal,

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Sonny G said...

thats a very attractive and welcoming setting..

enjoy your meal and time with friends.

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Morning Daniela, As you say, Frugal Ain't Cheap, your table setting is lovely. I love how you have created a relaxed feeling. For me that's the best way to enjoy food, well also adding good company. Best Wishes Daphne

sweet violets said...

Very nice table.....we Italians here always have salad at the end of the meal, to aid the digestion....then fruit and baby mozzarella....enjoy!!!

Kelly said...

Your table setting is so pretty. Love the pop of color in the napkins. It's fun to learn more about your Italian heritage.

Marlis said...

Reminds of being in Italy.. Just so nice and inviting. Love your trivet! Great napkins.. xo marlis

Alycia Nichols said...

The prosciutto is so pretty that at first I thought it was a lot of creatively folded pink napkins!!! :-) I hope you had a great dinner with your friends. I'm sure they appreciated the effort you put into creating a nice table for them!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

Someone is going to have a great dinner. Every detail looks inviting and sounds delicious. And, I love that you are already putting your wood trivet to work.

The Tablescaper said...

Oh how I love this kind of food! Lovely table.

- The Tablescaper

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

How fun to hear how you create a special meal. Simple makes things more relaxed and enjoyable, although that's looks pretty well put together, especially with your handmade trivet and the plate layering. I hope you all had a great time!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

You made my mouth water! Love antipasto!

Libby said...

Oh, I love seeing your table. I think beautiful settings such as these and a table full of food with guests just makes everything taste even better. Lovely!

Unknown said...

Very pretty and looks like fall! I love to eat too, but that's no surprise, haha!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks like a yummy dinner.