Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drying laundry for $1 a year

I come from a Country (Italy) where hanging your laundry to dry is very common.
That's just what we do to get our clothes dry! 
I have to say, I like the convenience of the dryer, but I like the "fresh smell" of laundry,
and even the cloth diapers are still soft enough for the delicate baby skin.
Breezy and sunny days are the best!

I have to admit that on occasion, the business of our family of five gets in the way of air drying laundry. 
Imagine that!
About a month ago our very old free dryer went out (that I used mainly if the weather did not cooperate).
So our clothes line was definitely a life saver! 

I hang our laundry in our backyard, but with two medium/large dogs, the grass has what I call land mines!
So I have some "special" shoes just for hanging laundry :) just in case...
This is not a fancy t-post clothes line, but it does the job...5 years and counting.
The lines run from the storage barn to the fence poles...keeping it real...
you could really run a clothes' line from any two sturdy points, but remember under a tree might not be ideal...too much shade and birds.
I have changed the line three times in five years, that I buy at the $Tree, 
and I bought 100 clothes pins for a total of $2 (also from the $Tree).
That's a total investment of $5 for the last 5 years...we are averaging $1 a year to dry our clothes.

Just for general info, the cost of running your dryer is between .50c to $1 per load (depending on your electric company rates).

I average1 load a day that is an average saving of $30 a month or $360 a year (that makes about $1800 savings in 5 years).
During winter time I mainly use our 3 drying racks inside the just can't dry clothes when it's cold outside.
Sure it takes few minutes to hang up your laundry, but your clothes will last longer, your whites will look brighter (the sun is a natural antibacterial and disinfectant), and your kids cloth diapers will not stink.
On a different note, for me hanging laundry is relaxing, but we did end up buying a used dryer off Craigslist (for the rainy and cold days), since Christmas is just around the corner :) ...or so it seems at every store I have been at!


    Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

    Ha! Yes, it does seem like Christmas is just around the corner, doesn't it? What a great money saving idea!

    Anonymous said...

    My mother, and most everyone in her generation, preferred hanging laundry when weather, etc. allowed. Ever try getting frozen clothes in? Really hard to tell if wet or just reallllllly cold, LOL. Hubs never got around to putting one up for me and now I physically couldn't do it. Wish I could, love that smell.

    Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

    We have a clothesline too but didn't use it this summer as much I'd like. That is a lot of cloth diapers!

    Cristina Garay said...

    That's great savings, Daniela! I also used clothslines when living in Colombia. I don't miss them that much! At that time it was a chore that I didn't enjoy! But for sure the clothes do have that fresh smell!

    Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

    Hello Daniela, I dry my clothes using a washing line and to see the clothes blowing and drying in the wind, is for me a lovely sight. I love the freshness of the clothes and especially the bed linen and the added bonus is saving money. Enjoy your day. Best Wishes Daphne

    Unknown said...

    Everyone uses a line to dry clothes here in Australia, except if it's wet and most often people will have a line undercover to dry their clothes then. We all have hills hoists here to dry our clothes on much easier than string lines.

    Debbiedoos said...

    I can seriously smell the freshness from here...even with a sinus infection. My Gram had a clothes line in her yard and I LOVED it! Thanks for sharing some good ole fashioned goodness with us.

    Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

    Your photos are so cool, Dani. Quite a sight. I'm with you, I kind of enjoy hanging clothes out. It sure can take time though, especially if it starts raining every time you hang clothes out. Yet there is something relaxing about it. I'm currently without washer or dryer, both broke and my friend has been saving the day letting me use hers. I miss doing laundry at home and hanging my laundry out. But you are right, a back up dryer is quite a blessing!

    Libby said...

    Ahhh, the smell of fresh linen dried outside cannot be duplicated. I grew up with a clothesline outdoors and I wish I had one now. I used to love playing through the sheets when the wind blew. :-)

    Heaven's Walk said...

    Incredible savings, Daniela! I had NO idea! I'll be doing more hanging next spring for sure! Plus I do love the sweet scent of the clothes anyway. :)

    xoxo laurie

    Lynn Wood said...

    It seems line drying is making a big come back. I remember my mom hanging sheets out on the line and how good the smelled. My husband will probably think I'm crazy but I really want to try this.

    PJH Designs said...

    Daniela, I love this post. I remember hanging clothes to dry when I was young (we couldn't afford a dryer) and I always loved that fresh, crisp smell. Thanks for the memories. won't you come by and share at Totally Transformed Tuesday? We'd love to have you. :-) Peggy

    Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

    Oh it's been so many years since I've had diapers on the line! But I used to love hanging them too! Still have the clothesline. Wouldn't want to live without one.

    Tania said...

    This is the only way to dry clothes...Our grandmothers didnt have dryers in the early years. I dont own one and never will, but then again I live where I get clothes washed, dried and put away in the same day. Similar climate to Italy I think.

    I love nice fresh smelling clothes straight from the line. I also enjoy hanging out and taking off the clothes so long as I am not rushed. If the weather is nice, I stand out there and fold as I removed clothes from the line. This saves on ironing. I have learned not to buy too many clothes that need ironing, thats another waste of electricity.

    I love seeing picures of peoples washing hanging on the line...strange I know lol!


    Maureen Wyatt said...

    I haven't had a clothesline in years and I'm planning on putting one up. Nothing beats the smell of clothes that are sun dried! ~ Maureen

    Katherine said...

    I grew up using a clothesline and loved to play under the sheets and blankets that would be hung across two lines to make a sort of tent...very fond memories! There really is something to be said for clothing dried in the sunshine and we could certainly use the savings! Even if I just did this occasionally, it would be a big help for our family of 7! Thanks for sharing this at Gettin' Krafty! Pinning this idea!

    Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

    Just caught this post from your pinterest pin!

    We didn't have a dryer when I was growing up so I never knew any better until I moved out on my own.

    Clothes will dry (and freeze) in the winter! Just takes longer. I live in Missouri so your hands would get really cold hanging wet clothes!

    Now I am spoiled but I think since I need to cut back in some areas, drying a couple loads a week would help!