Thursday, July 19, 2012

Room divider

We bought this room divider six years ago at Rooms to was on clearance $99 and I loved the "African" look it had! 
Also this serves the purpose of hiding a folding table with 4 chairs 
that we occasionally use when we have more than 10 guests at the time
Our secret storage!
...what can I say...I love to cook for people and sit and talk! 
...maybe even too much!

Anyway, my project was to change the look of the room divider . I want something lighter in color, but with some interest as well. 
What would life be without paint...I don't know...
So, RN turned this heavy piece around (I wasn't ready to totally give up the cool original design...yet), and this is what I came up with
I like how it kind of blends in with the wall, but it add some "dimension"...almost like a wall that pops out of the wall!
Remember this?
I liked the bold pattern and the pop of color, but I wanted to tone it done a notch...for the time being.
...and for the cost of nothing...I am pretty happy with the result!

Stay Frugal,

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Janette - The2Seasons said...

Thanks for stopping by The 2 Seasons. I love your room divider. They always remind me of the old movies where the star undresses from one great outfit into another while still having a conversation.

Lynn Wood said...

I just love the cool global look of this room. That is a fun change on the divider.


Donna Wilkes said...

Came over from Overflowing. Love the new color scheme - it seems very serene. I love screens - they provide a perfect place to throw the junk when guests appear!

Distressed Donna Down Home

Katherine said...

Oh, how I wish I had a room divider to hide my huge treadmill! It's great that you can easily switch from calm and peaceful to tribal and upbeat depending on your mood.

Michele said...

The first thing I thought of when you turned it around to the plain side was wow, what a great blank canvas to decorate for the holidays.
Sometimes it's nice to just change things around a bit, which doesn't mean the other side isn't nice too.

Shyla John said...

I like this idea, it also gives a new look to room.
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