Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glass, wood and wicker

On Saturday morning I decided to do a little shopping...just me and my oldest little girl.
We hit few places and found some goodies.
I needed a wooden step stool to keep in the kitchen, because my girls LOVE to "help out" during my daily cooking...but they need a little "lift", so to speak.
I found this solid wood stool for $1.50
Don't worry the hearts will be gone in no time...but I could not pass it up...$1.50? you can't even buy just the wood at that price!
Then I got three baskets/wood boxes to be transformed.
3 baskets=$2 total
not bad! ...they will look so much better when I am done with them.
I just look at their potential, in the same way we should look at people around us. 
Then here comes the most awesome deal I found that morning. I was not even looking for this, but there they were staring at me. 
I thought: "ok, I'll buy one, since I have a similar one that holds 1Liter (1quart)", 
then I kept looking at it, and the light bulb came on!
I can totally use this ones as drinking glasses! They hold 500ml, the same amount of a small water bottle.
 How cool is that! 
I always loved this shape.
So I got all of it (seven total).
They were .99cents a piece...but wait! They were on a table that had a sign "everything on this table is half off today"...really!!! 
I got seven for $3.50
I walked away grinning from ear to ear!
A good wash, and here how they look on our open shelves.

Total spent $7
Now I will get busy giving my other finds a well deserved makeover!
...after I drink some berry juice...

Stay Frugal,
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Carolyn said...

I LOVE those little caraffs! So cute. And I like your open shelves.

Anonymous said...

Just came over from Debbie's blog; what GREAT finds! You'll have to show us what you do with them...those glasses were a steal! Love days like that. :-)

Sonny G said...

cant wait to see what you do with that step stool. I hope to find one myself since I cant reach the top of the upper cabs.

Kelly said...

Those are some great finds! I really love the drinking glasses you found. I'm trying to think of what they were originally for in the first place. They look great on your shelves too. They could also be used as a nice vase for fresh flowers! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the other pieces.

Cristina Garay said...

I love your new set glasses!! That shape is awesome! Now, I can't wait to see how you get rid of those hearts!? That's kind of tricky!

Michele said...

Looking forward to seeing the stool makeover and what you do with the baskets from your super frugal shopping trip!

Sewing-Chick said...

Super finds :) I'm actually looking for a little step stool right now. I thrifted one awhile back that had a little girl's name in it... kind of like that "baby" storage bin you have. What I did to cover that up was filled it in with putty/or whatever that white stuff is that you fill nail holes with... then sanded it smooth, repainted it white, and then painted his name on it. That one's in the downstairs bathroom, but I'd like to find another one for the upstairs bathroom :)