Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coffee table to bench

I have been keeping an eye out for a bench to put at the foot of our bed. 
For a while now.
I have even considered building one...but it seems like there is always some other projects that needs to be finished, and not enough time for it all.
This coffee table was my first furniture purchase post graduation for the unfurnished apartment I lived in, about eight years ago.
It came with two matching side tables 
(which we still have in our living room). 
It has been used in many different rooms and had different purposed...beside being used table!
One of it's latest use was to hold our big and heavy old school tv in our master. 
Because the table did not match the style and colors of the bedroom, I had made a slipcover with leftover drop cloth I had.
This is a very basic slip cover. 
I did not wanted to paint the piece a different color because of the matching side tables, in case we ever decide to sell it or use it as a set of three again.
So a slipcover was the best next option. 

Recently we bought a giant solid wood tv armoire for a steal...and moved the huge tv in there, out of sight. 
That's when I had the idea to move the coffee table at the bottom of our bed to be 
used as a bench.

I really like it there, and it is SO functional. 
We put the bed's decorative pillows on there at night, and under the slipcover we put our out of season cowboy boots shoes.
Now you see it...
Now you don't!

The box is a free cardboard box that I beautified with  leftover dropcloth and free placemats I got several years ago.
Just love how functional this area is now.
I would have never thought of using a coffee table in our bedroom...but that's the beauty of making the most with what you have!
Now I can check off the list 
- buy/make a bench for the Master
- organize shoes

That was easy!
I am hoping to stencil the slipcover soon...just have to find some inspiration!

Stay Frugal,


Kelly said...

That was such a good idea! I love how it looks. The slipcover you made for it is the perfect solution too.

Revi said...

Great Idea! And I love it that your shoe storage boxes are even pretty, in case anyone looks. :)

Debbiedoo's said...

Totally works out great. I love the slip cover idea. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

Nelly@DGInnovations said...

VERY creative idea! I put a baby mattress on top of a coffe table and upholstered it but I love the idea of just slip covering it!
Visiting from the newbie party;))

Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

Such a good idea to slipcover it! I love that brick wall in your bedroom!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Great solution! Especially when you don't want to paint a piece.

Liz - Imageremix said...

Great solution! Slipcovers are wonderful things.

Sherry said...

That's an awesome idea and a creative way to upcycle a coffee table!

TJustine said...

I cannot even begin to say how much I like this! It looks beautiful in your already gorgeous bedroom. Visting from Debbiedoos! Jane

At The Picket Fence said...

What a great idea!! The slipcover is perfect and it looks beautiful in your bedroom. I love the exposed brick! :-) Thanks for sharing this at Inspiration Friday last weekend.

Cristina Garay said...

Hey Daniela, I've never been in your bedroom! Thanks for the invite :) I love the exposed brick and the mantel! Great idea on slip-covering the coffee table!