Sunday, May 20, 2012

Key holder

I sometime displace my car keys ...
that is not good, 
especially if I am trying to get out the door and are 
already running late.
Which, by the way, rarely happens ;)

This key holder I made, has been a safe place to hang my keys as I come in the door, making my "getting out of the door" much smoother.

I still do misplace my keys every now and then, but if you were a full time stay at home mom of 
three crazy active children under the age of four, 
I bet you would too!

Most of my projects start in our garage, where I go through our stash of leftover materials from previous projects, to see what I can use to make my ideas into reality.

For this project I knew I needed wood, paint and hooks.

Here is what I found:

leftover baseboard

So far so good!

Measure and cut the wood 

Paint (the baseboard was already primed)

screw the hooks 

Attach to wall

And you are done!

Total cost
scrap pieces of baseboard $0
spray paint $0 already had
hooks .98 cents for a pack of 4 (Lowes)

Total cost to make the key holder 

Next time you are tempted to throw away a small(er) piece of trim or wood, well, don't. 
It might just come in handy someday!

Stay Frugal,

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

That was a great use for that scrap piece of trim! It fits perfectly in the little area you hung it in too. Looks like it belongs there!