Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage mirror

Want to reflect a nice view?
Open up a space?
Jazz up and accent wall?

Mirrors are often overlooked as purely functional, but mirrors can do a lot more than help you get ready in the am!

One of my thrifty find was an old dresser soon to be heading to the landfill...saved by a compassionate frugal lady ;)
(that would be me)  

Back of mirror

Back of the larger mirror

This dresser had 2 doors with mirrors. 

I think the imperfections make it quite perfect!

I took it apart and kept the mirrors to be used in our bedroom as is. 
I like the dark wood against the brick wall!

Our Bedroom

Give (old) mirrors a new purpose in your home!

Thrifty Find for $0.00

Stay Frugal,


Kelly said...

I like your mirrors. I am on the lookout for one to go in my bedroom to replace the one I took out of there for the family room. I have a big empty wall now that is screaming for a mirror. I miss using it too. Large mirrors can get pricey, so I'm going to try to find one at a consignment store or even Goodwill. I may even try Lowes. They have some interesting things for less. I bought my last one at Home Goods and it cost around $70! Not sure I'm ready to spend that again. Love your suggestions too. Part of the fun is finding the bargain!

Printabelle said...

Beautiful! I'd love for you to add it on my link party at: Thanks!

Printabelle said...

Thanks for linking up!