Friday, July 22, 2016

Evolution of the Garage

Slowly but surely.
The idea started with turning our garage into living space + laundry room.
(our washer and dryer were already down there).
It has been a year since we started this process...
yes, we are taking our sweet time.
Right now we have a mess, but the concrete walls have finally drywall on it.
We had already done electrical and connected heat and air to this room.

The next couple of weeks will be finishing the walls, with second mudding, priming and paiting...
and floors???
Then the fun part of actually putting the room together.

When I say the next couple of weeks...
it does not really mean exactly that. 
It will probably take me longer...
much longer.
Remember when I said we are taking our sweet time?
don't worry. This has since been covered with plastic until further notice :)
But this is the mess in that room right now, 
so I am going to do my best to get this room in presentable conditions ASAP.

Here is the slow process in fast motion.
First of all I applied 2 coats
of drylok.
Sealing the concrete blocks.
Painting concrete blocks is NOT fun, 
especially the first coat.
Wall studs going up.

Laundry room studs going up.

Insulation being installed.


Still not done with all that...
but closer than we were.

Key element in finishing a basement, garage or concrete blocks room:
You got to waterproof and seal.
Make sure your insulation is meant for spaces that are possibly more humid.
Green Drywall.
This is meant for area such as basement and bathroom.

Successfully keep mold from growing in those high humidity areas.

Stay Frugal,


Mindi Carwin said...

Daniela, this is a HUGE project! You have made some amazing progress so far, and I am excited for you! Keep at it! It always take me more time to get projects done, life doesn't pause!

Ron said...

Great progress, Daniela. It will certainly be worth it soon.

Carla from The River said...

Wow! Amazing work. I know what a job that has to be, and doing it on your own time does take awhile, but means so much after.
Keep On,

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
Well, it is never easy for getting projects done while living in the place too.
It starts taking shape and one day, when everything is put into place you can make a deep sigh and say: 'That's it!'
Guess before winter you're using this.
We ourselves are slowly making progress with our garage, had it painted before we escaped for 8 days to Florida and now the stair case area. Will be oh so glad when the entire house is back in order and I can clean from top to bottom on a regular base.
Hugs to you and stay cool... Hard, I know. We bike in the evening for one hour. This evening was not too bad with some wind.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

This is a big project, and I know how every little thing in renovation can take forever! Your green drywall looks exactly like the one in my bathroom, which needs sanding and painting... I'm taking my sweet time as well!