Friday, April 10, 2015

Pergola Carport

It has been a few weeks since we added a pergola carport to our backyard.
We decided on having someone building this.
At this time I am not able to tackle another big outdoor project.
(although I just added and plowed a 15x10 veggie garden area, in addition to our current 16x8 garden area)

The reason behind this addition is the possibility of converting our garage into a rec room.
Maybe even close off the laundry area, 
which is already located in the garage.
I am budgeting the upgrades and researching the best solution for us.
This garage transformation would be a DIY project, and it would take some time from start to finish.

Back to the carport.
We wanted a carport that didn't look like a carport.
Make sense, right?
I like the

pergola look. 

It blends nicely with the rest of the house, and does not "sticks out in your face".
In fact a neighbour of us asked us a few days ago if we always had the pergola, or if we recently added it. 
That means it didn't scream 
"look at me, I am the new addition"!

This pergola measures about 22x20, 
so it's as big as a 2 car garage, 
which is the point of this addition.

But being a pergola, we needed to add a roof.
We decided on a clear polycarbonate roof.
Two reasons: light and durability.

I wanted the light to come through.
During the summer months we will be adding an outdoor fabric for shade, that can be put up and taken down easily.
About the clear polycarbonate, it's very durable (you can drive a car over it),
it will not "yellow" with time,
and it does not sound like a metal roof when it rains.

So here our pergola carport that will be used for entertaining and parking cars underneath.
And for the kids to ride bikes and draw with chalk under it on rainy days.

Stay tuned for the many projects coming...although I have been slow in keeping up with all my projects.
In fact I have given up blogging on many of them because of time.
Family first.

Maybe one day I will tell you about building 
a tufted headboard Restoration Hardware inspired, or 
 about taking down and rebuild an entire wall for soundproofing, 
and much more.
Stay Frugal,


Ron said...

Thanks is a perfect idea. I love the covered pergola.

Rita C. said...

This looks great, Dani. Your frugality as a homeowner is to be applauded. You always have such great ideas, whether you're the actual builder or not (which I know, most of the time you are).

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
Again, one more of your genial ideas and carried out perfectly. Love the roof especially.

Susie said...

Even doing things ourselves, it cost money. I miss the times when Ted and I did a new project every summer. I think the past two we haven't done a thing. But oh this year. we need the let black the driveways, power wash the porch and stain it. Now look, you have me thinking of things to do. LOL. Hope you have agreat weekend. xoxo,Susie

Kerry Moody said...

Very nice! I think ya'll will really enjoy it. I hope to have a pergola over our patio one day, it's on the to do list!

Kelly said...

I never realized that your garage was on the back of your house! I think the pergola addition will be so nice for extra covered space outside.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

How cool! Sounds like a great idea. I was just telling my husband the other day that we should build a pergola over our patio! Budget does not include it right now, but maybe later...? Enjoy it!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That's nice. Can't wait to see the headboard.

Heather @ The Beating Hearth said...

I love the idea of converting your garage into something more useful for your family!

andi filante said...

I love pergolas and yours looks amazing!!


Libby said...

You have been busy. Even when you're away, I know you're doing something crafty. The pergola looks wonderful. Such a great space!

Jill Flory said...

Daniela did you put a bit of a slope to this to let the water drain off when it rains? We are considering doing the same idea in our backyard beside our garden shed and my hubby wondered how much slope you put to it.