Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Landscaping the frugal way

Landscaping can cost a lot of money. 
Plants, soil, rocks, and more.
We have been trying to slowly working on our front yard, mainly because our front yard is bigger than our back yard, and because
our back yard is dogs' property, 
vegetable garden area 

clothes line corner.
drying laundry for $1 a year
Five years ago we started to plant some bushes for privacy and some pavers.
Five years later we added 
12 bushes and moved 4 existing bushes to enlarge the previous sitting area that we had envisioned.
The bushes were free.
A friend of ours was thinning her landscape and uprooted 12 bushes.
Also a good place to find free plants/bushes is Craigslist.
Most times you have to dig them up, but it's worth to do some digging for free plants.
Rocks can usually be found for free at construction sites (ask before you take), again Craigslist and even places where they sell landscaping rocks, most times they will have a free pile of "discarded" rocks.

So here is what we got so far, for $5 worth of soil, we went from this
those bushes were moved back to the property line
 to this.
We are planning on redo the pavers, create a fire pit area with river rocks, a sitting area and an herb kitchen garden.
We also adding some (free) blackberry bushes that we are going to get.  
We'll plant few more bushes (as we find it, or we'll buy it) and a couple of apple trees.
It's exciting to see how the bushes are really going to provide privacy.

Stay Frugal,

ps. we did pay a friend with landscaping background to help us planning the area.


Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Daniela, Isn't it amazing how people discard plants and bushes. My neighbour had four beautiful small golden conifer trees which he was going to throw away. Luckily George was chatting to him and asked if we could have them. He was thrilled because he did not have to cut them up and we were thrilled to receive them for free. We were all happy.
Your garden is looking lovely and each year it will mature. I can see you have worked really hard, but it is so worth it as it is such a reward when everything matures.
Happy gardening.
Best Wishes

Revi said...

Sounds like a ton of hard work, Dani! But you will enjoy it when it's all in place.

Lena said...

Great savings, and it looks awesome! I love the size of your yard too. We have a tiny back yard but I use part of it for my vegetable garden.

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

Leave it you to find a frugal way to make your landscaping look like a million bucks. I never would have considered searching craigslist for landscaping materials. Great tip.

Marissa said...

Looks wonderful! For me this is one area I don't mind spending ..I absolutely love landscaping! I love our free bushes!

Marissa said...

Oops your

Kelly said...

I had no idea you could buy plants off Craigs List! Wow! I love the plans you have for your backyard. I bet it will be very nice.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Daniela,
That's exactly how we got numerous shrubs, trees and plants in our garden. Helping some friends prune their trees and sharing some perennials; still working both ways with closed wallet. Walking and digging up little trees along the road. Hard work; YES but free and within a few years you have so much satisfaction. Gardenias and lots of others, even azaleas, you can grow from cuttings. There are many ways for developing your garden over time. We've walked with a spade in tow and some rope, for trailing big rocks home that we found on our way.
Hugs to you and keep it up!

Vickie H said...

Free is good! Your state Forestry service probably gives away free trees in February-they do in most states.

Cristina Garay said...

Oh Dani, you are kind of motivating me to go and work on my backyard! I also like to plant some fruit trees. Your yard is looking great!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Such a great plan and I love seeing how it's coming along. That's be great to have blackberries and apples too! Sounds wonderful.

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

I so agree, landscaping is a lot of work and money. We've been working on our yard for 12 years and still don't have it just the way that I would like. I love adding bushes for privacy and also adding ones that are usable for fresh fruit (loquats, lemons, limes,oranges and berries). I have about 7 loquat trees in our front yard, love that they're evergreen, provide fruit and also great for privacy. Visiting you from Met Monday, hope you come by for a visit too. Have a grand week!

House Crazy in Michigan! said...

Other "opportunities" I took advantage of 1) A neighbor gave me permission to transplant shrubs and day lilies from her back yard. 2) A house was being moved, I called and asked permission to dig up the shrubs and plants that were going to be left behind 3) I find rocks for edging along the back roads and in farmer fields. I do ask permission and often they say okay. Garden clubs often have plant exchanges too. Http://smallhouseunderbigsky.com