Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Compost bin

Composting is one of the best things you can do for the earth and of course 
your garden.

With so many people bringing back the good ole vegetable garden, a compost bin (or pile) should be a must!
Compost is food for your veggies, as much as water is their drink of choice.
Composting is not complicated, nor should be expensive.
Our compost bin is a plastic trash can with a lid and holes on the side and bottom. 

This was actually given to us by friends who were upgrading theirs, but if you have a "driller" (that's my friendly nick name for our power drill), then you are one step closer to making your own compost bin.
We started composting five years ago, before we even planted our first garden.

Tips and general rules on composting:

compost newspaper or plain white paper from the computer (just remember to shred it first to speed up the process), coffee grounds (with paper filters), anything that was living at one time is great for compost bins, think of leaves, vegetables scraps, and grass clippings (which add necessary nitrogen).
Inside of compost bin right before mixing it up
do not compost fats, pet droppings, or animal products (such as bones, leftover meat...). They will attract pests to the pile and can spread disease.
For faster composting keep your compost bin in direct sun and turn every week or two to aerate your pile.
You can roll it on the ground (if the lid is a locking one), or use a shovel to mix...this is what we do.

When finished it should look like dark soil.  
You should not be able to recognize any of the scraps you put in there.

Stay Frugal,


Kelly said...

Those are some good tips! I like how you made your compost bin. We haven't been doing that, but I know it is a good idea.

Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

Composting is definitely on my to do list...

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

I've got to remind my sister "no meat!", her compost bin is attracting unwanted visitors and I know she wants it to work so she can actually use it for a garden soon:)


daisypetals said...

This is Melissa @ I have been composting now for years. Your composter is brilliant! I was lucky enough to hear about a program in Knoxville several years back that was giving out free composting bins. You just had to show up and have a way to get it home! I am not sure if programs like that still exist? For those who are wanting to try it out, they may want to check?

Lisa @ 3 girls and 1 boy said...

PERFECT!! I found ya via the DIY Project Parade! This is perfect timing and awesome tips! I was just telling the hubs that we need a it will be DONE :-)

Judy Whatilivefor said...

We're moving into a house soon with a garden plot and I've been trying to figure out the best way to have a compost pile...this looks like the best solution so far :)

I found you at DIY project parade. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Great tips. I have an extra trash can and I know what to do with it!
Rachel@remastered relics